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Standardization and overseas project support


We promote our company's standardized design work from the following aspects:
1. Standardized project design process
We ensure that our R&D team carries out each design step in accordance with the necessary process, and always regard technical risk analysis and evaluation DFMEA as an important tool, so as to provide the best solution for customers.
2. Modular design concept
With years of mature experience in automation application, we have formed standard functional modules through different combination configuration and part of customized design, so as to quickly respond to customer needs and provide reliable automated production lines for customers in a shorter period.
3. Standardized design resource library
We have formed a library of commonly used automatic components selection which has been long-termly verified the reliability by customers. At the same time, we have centralized and batched procurement reducing the cost of single components, so as to provide cost-effective & non-standard customized equipment and production lines for our customers.
4. Normative document mechanism of design input and output
Through standardized templates and design & development software system tools, improving the work efficiency of the R&D team, which is conducive to the storage of technical documents and accumulation & inheritance of experience of the company, to provide perfect after-sales technical support and service for customers.
5. High starting point design standards
We carry out project design work according to the EU safety standards, and regularly study & research on the special specifications of the target market countries, then integrate them into the customer solutions of our R&D team, So as to enhancing our competition in overseas market development.