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Automatic Stereoscopic Warehouse

Product Introduction

Automatic stereoscopic warehouse system applies to new energy lithium battery, package and other industries, which provides reliable and optimized design for customer whole line planning and layout, and can help enterprise realize transformation and construction of intellectualiztion, automation and modernization.

System mainly includes high level rack, pallet, container, piler,warehousing transporting and sorting system, WCS control system, WMS warehouse management system, RF barcode management system.

This system can either upgrade based on existing warehouse and operate independently, or realize connection with production line. Through advance Internet technology, it can realize resources data sharing and connection of ERP enterprise resources management system, MES manufacturing execution system and WMS warehouse management system, thereby reducing errors, accelerating product accessing speed, improving working efficiency, increasing space utilization, reducing stocks, saving land investment capital, alleviating labor intensity, improving working conditions, reducing personnel costs, realizing whole system optimization, and increasing enterprise production benefit and modern management level.

Performance Index

Loading capacity: ≤1.5t                 Moving speed (max): 120m/min                   Moving accelerated speed: ≤0.35m/s2                 Lifting speed (max): 40m/min
Lifting accelerated speed: ≤0.5m/s2                       Forking speed (max): 30m/min                        Positioning accuracy: ±3mm

Technical Feature

Adopt high-speed Ethernet communication technology, laser ranging technology, infrared communication technology and other advanced technologies.

Reliable security. Security level meets C3 standard.