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Photovoltaic intelligent package conveying line

Product introduction

Photovoltaic intelligent packaging conveying line is a comprehensive project,mainly including black silicon intelligent packaging conveying and information display. It includes unpacking stream line, visual camera detection, AGV feeding conveying line, blanking conveying line, packaging stream line, informationized MES system, central control system, etc., which is applicable in black silicon workshop of silicon wafer box opening, packaging automation, feeding and blanking conveying, real-time information tracking and MES information management.

Automation equipment replaces manual box opening, silicon wafer conveying between the box opening area and the texturing feeding area and silicon wafer conveying between the texturing blanking area and sorting packing area, replaces manual sorting, packaging and encasement. It is a highly information-based production line, and the whole process of production information flow can be traced, production data are summarized and analyzed, process parameters are collected, equipment information data is collected and analyzed, AGV logistics line realize centralized scheduling, the whole information flow is centrally controlled, and other information systems are integrated; It realize big data analysis of production process, remote control of equipment process parameters, intelligent manufacturing, and can continuously improve and upgrade software system according to the requirements of the customer.

System Advantages

The automation production line has features of high efficiency and high quality, with reasonable and aesthetic layout, advanced design philosophy, powerful information module, real-time and accurate information tracing, simple operation, convenient maintenance. The hardware selection of all equipment can meet the requirements of 10,000 class cleaning workshop, without affecting the cleanliness of the workshop. The contact parts with silicon wafers are non-metallic materials, which can effectively prevent contamination and damage of silicon wafers.