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Cylinder Cell Module Line & PACK Line

Product Introduction

Cylinder cell automatic production line includes a complete production process of automatic sorting, inserting into holder, screw punching, welding, assembling, testing and packaging. The products include 18650 cell electric resistance welding and 21700 cell ultrasonic aluminum wire welding,4680 cylindrical battery laser welding technology.

Technical Feature

1、Capacity: Battery cells processing capacity of a single line is 200PPM.

2、High automation: In the production line, the robots automatically do the process of automatic feeding, sorting, inserting into holder, screw hitting, welding, assembling and testing. The material transferring has got through AGV.

3、High reliability design: The robots can be used for the realization of core function; the double-station servo sliding table design has been used among each station. It has the features of high precision and easy to transfer. Combined with cache station, they can adopt wide range of product fluctuations, in order to improve production flexibility. Welding station has adopted imported equipment, which ensured welding quality.

4、Flexible design of production line: When the last/next process has abnormal situation, the products can be put in/take out from transplanting platform by workers. In the meantime, the period can be greatly shortened when debugging. When the product process has been changed, some workstations can be changed to realize the switchover of technology.

5、Stability design: It abundantly adopts six-axis standard industrial robots to improve automatic level and stability, like that the speed of battery cells sorting and shell entering is quick and in key position.

6、MES system: MES data management system runs through the production of whole project. It draws the control at every level in the whole production process; traces delicate control of production process parameters, quality condition and the material status.