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18650 Electric Resistance Welding Module Assembly Line

Process Flow

Sorting Center: For our customers design and manufacture of the whole car battery pack automatic production lines, including the automatics sorting of the robot、welding、assembling、packaging the entire production process. The 18650 category includes electric battery, lithium battery shell, shell and soft package battery.


Welding Center: Using Miya Ji welding power with pressure tracker, vision camera real-time monitoring to ensure reliable welding. Unique design polishing by motor solve the problem of welding slag.


DCR Test Center: Using testing equipment, sophisticated probe fixture design, to ensure the precision requirements DCR detection.


Screw Working Center: Stable and reliable, the use of advanced international brands Atlas screw machine with torque feedback, facilitate data tracking quality control.


Cleaning Center: The work station clean install using visual positioning jumper, high jumper mounting accuracy, and can detect a bad jumper raw materials, reduce the risk of bad welding.