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21700 Cylinder Cell Module Line

Product Introduction

21700 Cylinder Cell Module Line includes cell feeding, cell sorting, busbar laser cleaning, module welding, module test, etc.

Key Technology

Cell sorting: Doing OCV test on cells, binding and sorting cell data, setting cell gap. Unqualified cell will be sent to classified NG material box in turn.


Battery and busbar cleaning and recognition: Module goes into busbar installing station and does precise positioning. After robot takes busbar and does test, it will be installed into module by CCD positioning. Doing laser cleaning on the welding surface of cell anode and cell cathode.


Module welding: Battery and busbar of module adopt ultrasonic aluminum wire welding (Bonding). It has the functions of real-time welding strength test, welding parameter adjustment and parameter self-correcting and self-examination and abilities of module welding path editing and storing.

Process Flow