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Product Introduction

It mainly includes a complete process of housing online processing, cooling system assembly, putting module into housing, module fastening, PACK test.


The whole production line adopts the operation mode of AGV, which has safe and reliable operation, high processing efficiency, high compatibility and high expansibility, and applies to almost all factories’ battery PACK assembly and production on the market today.

Key Technology

Putting module into housing: After AGV arrives at this station by planned path, it will carry out precise positioning. Robot will put module into housing in order. Robot gripper can be compatible for same module cell of different length. Robot is equipped with visual system, which can do positioning by photographing before gripping module and putting module into housing, and can provide guidance for robot gripping.


Module fastening: Robot automatically fastens module screws. Screwdriver records the torque of each time of fastening, and upload it to MES system for storage.


PACK test: Connect harness into EOL test cabinet, do automatic EOL test. Carry out complete inspection of product insulation performance, BMS system performance, battery charging and discharging performance, power circuit performance, I/O function, etc., and upload them to MES system for storage.

Process Flow