Product Introduction

Robot automatic palletizing system is researched by Jinming itself, and a new generation which is focused on robot technology. It adopts one or multiple robots, and equipped with the applications of related technical equipment of conveying equipment and sorting equipment to realize the stacking of cartons. The whole system integrated the three functions of product transportation, product shaping and product stacking as a whole, the structure is tight, the integration level is high and occupied area is small.
The system adopts multiple advanced technology of automatic sorting in high speed, infrared (wireless) communication, and bar code (visual) detection. The collection, tracking and dynamic assignment of material of information data can be realized under the control of computer dispatching management system. By robots and the fixture installed on robots, the products have been stacked in classify, and finally the stacked products will be conveyed warehouse by conveying equipment. By flexibly adjusting fixture position and height to greatly improve adaptability of system. By formula management, it has greatly shortened production line and equipment transfer time, and improved equipment efficiency. The whole system has the features of high degree of automation, high safety and strong flexibility.

This system can realize full-automatic operation and concentrated palletizing of product box in many specifications under controllable system and the control of dispatching system. It can help the customers to solve the problems of many production lines, many batch numbers and specifications, high strength hand palletizing many employees. It is especially suitable to the applications in many industries of food, daily chemical and office appliance.

Performance Index

1. Rated load: ≤240kg
2. Stacking capacity: 180 cycle/h
3. Shaping capacity: 120 cycle/h
4. Processing capacity: 100case/min
5. Specification quantity: 12 pcs

Technical Feature

1. High degree of automation, small occupied area
2. High flexibility, simple operation and maintenance
3. Modular design has greatly improved expandability of system.
4. Humanized design, high security, system design is conformed to international security design standard of category3.
5. It has Ethernet interface, which can joint with upper management software, gather and analyze data. It is easy for the manager to timely master equipment operation condition.

*The above performance figure will have changes by the overall dimension of actual products and installing form, the specific performance figure can consult with our technical division.