Review of 2023——Huashu Jinming breaked through and marked a new height


The year of 2023 has come to an end. Looking back on the past, Huashu Jinming has lived up to all expectations.

In the past year, with the hard work of all employees at home and abroad, Huashu Jinming has delivered her satisfactory results.


Domestic Market of 2023

Expansion of domestic layout

With the establishment of the Shenzhen and the Chongqing office, Huashu Jinming has built a six-point in one layout in China, with its product and service range covering the entire East China, Central China, South China and Southwest China regions. Huashu Jinming will also keep expanding its brand influence and service scope to every corner of China, and assist the development of new energy businesses in more regions.


Technical innovation

Huashu Jinming held a technical press conference at its Changzhou production base with the theme of “Cell for the Line, Line follow up with the Cell——THE ONE Module Line”, which is grandly launched its new generation technology of highly dynamic and highly flexible module production line. 

“THE ONE” module line greatly increased the production cycle of the lithium battery module line, meanwhile it has also greatly reduced the hardware investment cost and changeover difficulty as well as covering all lithium battery categories.

In 2023, Huashu Jinming delivered three “THE ONE” module lines to customers, covering three battery types of cylindrical battery, pouch battery, and prismatic battery.


Talent cultivation

Huashu Jinming actively promotes the construction of a high-skilled talent team and carries out university-enterprise cooperation with the Sino-french Engineer School of NJUST to help cultivate international high-quality talents. Both parties will actively explore modality for co-operation and give full play to their own advantages to promote a win-win cooperation of university-enterprise-industry-research.



Outstanding Projects

Huashu Jinming has awarded the tender for a total of ten pouch battery CTP production lines in this year, with a total order volume of nearly CNY 200 million. Huashu Jinming gives full play to its rich experience in large-scale projects and multi-category complex processes, as well as its industry-leading production capabilities to continuously receive large-scale and batch orders.


Awards & Honors

In this year, the scientific and technical golden content of Huashu Jinming reached new heights, and was awarded the title of national-level Specialized and Sophisticated “Little Giant” enterprise, and was once again awarded the title of “Gazelle Enterprise in the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone of Southern Jiangsu”.  It marks that Huashu Jinming has occupied a leading position in industry field and located in a key link of the industrial chain. Huashu Jinming has also further gained customer trust and industry reputation by virtue of its excellent technical level and perfect service.



Overseas Market of 2023

Overseas footprint expansion

The wholly-owned subsidiary in Hungary was rapidly expanded during this year, with a growing workforce and company scale. Through training and learning in China, the engineer team of Hungary Huashu Jinming actively participates in the construction of projects in Europe and the United States, and gradually grows up to the backbone of overseas projects.

In the new year, Huashu Jinming will also accelerate its global layout, committed to establishing and further developing branches/subsidiaries in the Americas, Asia and Europe, and further extend its service scope.


Overseas orders breakthroughs

Huashu Jinming won the module line and PACK line projects exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, and France respectively, with a total order value of CNY 600 million, which has reached a new record in its history.

Huashu Jinming is committed to successfully delivering overseas production lines in the new year, providing quality and services beyond customer expectations, making every export order a dazzling business card, and achieving greater success in overseas performance.


Enhance overseas visibility

Huashu Jinming made its debut at the “The Battery Show Europe 2023 ” held in Stuttgart, Germany. With its advanced technology and efficient solutions, it has won the favor of many European and American vehicle companies, battery manufacturers and energy storage companies, and has established relationships with many customers, and reached initial cooperation intention with many customers. 

We have successively welcomed overseas customers such as Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt and German automobile manufacturer BMW to visit and inspect Changzhou and Wuhan factories of Huashu Jinming. Through friendly exchanges and interactions with each other, we are expected to reach a more pleasant cooperation in the New Year.



Pay tribute to the past and embark on a new journey.
In 2024, domestic and overseas layout of Huashu Jinming will be further expanded.

Ceaseless struggle leads to ceaseless progress.
In 2024, Huashu Jinming will continue to work down-to-earth to win greater victories, witness history, create history, and never stop to achieve high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing industry and become the founder of intelligent manufacturing factories with global influence!