Mr. Zhao Haishan, the Vice governor of Hubei Province, visited Wuhan Huasu Jinming for investigation and guidance


Mr Zhao Haishan, the Vice Governor of Hubei Province, and his delegation visited the Enterprise Culture Exhibition Hall and Intelligent Manufacturing Factory of Wuhan Huashu Jinming. Mr Wang Yubao, the Executive Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Huashu Jinming, introduced the company’s development status and typical project cases, and highlighted on the R & D achievements and industrialization process of Huashu Jinming in new energy vehicle power battery modules and PACK flexible intelligent production lines .




Mr Zhao Haishan ,the Vice governor,fully affirmed the current achievements of Huashu Jinming, and expressed very optimistic about the development prospects of Huashu Jinming focusing on industry and intelligent manufacturing. The Vice Governor Zhao Haishan said that it is necessary to intensify efforts to implement various policies that benefit enterprises, effectively help enterprises solve problems, stabilize growth, and promote development, and actively support the innovation and development in the field of intelligent manufacturing.


With the strong support of the government and relevant departments, Huashu Jinming will inevitable develop more steadily and rapidly. Huashu Jinming will also further enhance its own innovation capability and scientific research investment, and unswervingly strive to promote the high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing industry.