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Human-vehicle collision avoidance system

Product Introduction

The human-vehicle collision avoidance system solution of Huashu Jinming is based on UWB wireless pulse accurate ranging, combined with Bluetooth technology, via the installation of anti-collision base stations on mobile equipment in the factory, real-time monitoring and accurate measuring the relative distance of all tags within 15 meters around the anti-collision base stations, with an accuracy up to 10 cm. The system estimates the danger level according to the distance, then makes different levels of sound and light alarms, so as to effectively prevent, reduce, and eliminate the occurrence of high-risk accidents such as vehicle collisions and crushing employees.

Basic Functions

1、Unique ID identification
 ● Each vehicle is equipped with an anti-collision base station
 ● Employees wear anti-collision tags
 ● The base station and tag ID are unique throughout the factory
2、Accurate ranging
 ● The anti-collision base station installed on each mobile vehicle can measure the distance accurately with the anti-collision tags within 15 meters radius.
 ● Accuracy up to 10 cm
3、Multi-level area alarming
 ● The area of personnel access is divided into three levels: safety zone, early warning zone, and danger zone
4、Multi-level approaching alarm
 ● User can adjust the area radius
 ● When personnel access the alarm area, the sound and light alarm connected to the anti-collision base station has different alarm levels according to the area where the personnel are located.
5、Other functions
 ● The anti-collision base station equipment has a hardware I/0 output port, which can cut off the vehicle power (requires the manufacturer to cooperate) or use it as other signal output

Application objects

Reach forklift, stacker, narrow channel forklift, electric balance forklift, internal combustion engine forklift, loaders, excavators, mining machinery, gantry cranes, etc.