Product Introduction

This laser welding equipment has adopted robot welding, equipped with 6KW optical maser and vibration lens. The effective welding area has reached to 380*290mm, the depth of fusion is over 4mm. The robots with vibration lens have high welding efficiency, and complicated welding path can be realized, like straight line, square, roundness, S shape and circumferential welding.

The equipment interior has allocated the functions of visual welding inspection, laser ranging, welding fixture cleaning, welding slag cleaning, etc. Guided by visual system, the welding line could be oriented precisely with tolerance less than 0.1mm and product positioning tolerance less than 0.2mm. The height diastimeter provides welding focusing amount. The welding fixture cleaning function could realize cleaning without stopping the machine and prolong lifetime. The slag cleaning function could clean the welding slag and dust in order to improve the installation quality.

Double station design can realize that welding and up-down material go on at the same time. It will reduce welding waiting time, and improve utilization of optical maser.

Welding fixture has adopted modular compatibility design, which has realized the compatibility of length direction in same products. Modular design can realize fast replacement between fixture and interface of different products, which can reduce replacement time of fixture.

The complete machine has adopted enclosed design, and it has equipped fireproofing, anti-explosion, smoke extraction and dust-cleaning equipment.

Performance Index

Capacity: ≤36S/module (12cell/module);

Compatible size: 200-600mm;

Laser power:  6000W;

Laser outgoing form: vibration lens (welding range: ellipse 380*290mm), alignment

Location mode of battery cells: CCD detection of laser ranging

Welding function: side seam welding; Bus-Bar; sampling line

Welding joint parameter: fusion depth of welding joint>4mm (aluminium-aluminium), width of welding joint≤4mm

Camera location accuracy: ≤0.1mm

Laser ranging accuracy: 30μm

One optical rate: ≥99.5%

Operation module: manual/semi-automatic/full-automatic

Equipment appearance:  5000*4000*3000mm(L*W*H)

Technical Feature

  • High product compatibility: the compatibility of length direction in same products.
  • High degree of automation: automatic orientation, welding, automatic cleaning of fixture, automatic polishing and dedusting of products.
  • Maintainability: automatic cleaning regularly of fixture, it adopts quick substitution way to fixture and interface.
  • Traceability: data tracing and binding in whole course.