Huashu Jinming appeared once again at the Battery Show Europe, Which will export 12 Module & PACK lines to break its overseas performance records.


The Battery Show Europe 2024 was successfully held in Stuttgart, Germany from June 18th to 20th. Huashu Jinming has attended the exhibition for two consecutive years, which has presented the new generation of lithium battery Module & PACK line and intelligent manufacturing factory solutions on the international stage. Huashu Jinming global team has set up a face-to-face communication with global customers to deliver the product technology and service concept of Huashu Jinming to the international market in a more in-depth manner.

During the exhibition, the 3D scaled model of Huashu Jinming intelligent manufacturing factory fully and three-dimensionally demonstrated the one-stop solution of the lithium battery Module & PACK production line from Raw Material Warehousing to Finished Product EX-warehousing, equipped with MES system, big data analysis, digital simulation and other technologies, which realized flexible processing, intelligent assembly, online detection and other functions, attracting many visitors to watch and consult.




Moving steadily, overseas market performances break out in 2024

In the historical background of China new energy vehicles gradually leveraging the world automotive industry, Huashu Jinming, under the leadership of Shen Can, Vice President of the Group and General Manager of Huashu Jinming, actively implements the globalization strategy and steadily impels its overseas layout. In 2024, the overseas export projects of Huashu Jinming finally ushered in a concentrated outbreak, and 11 module lines and 1 PACK line will be exported to France, the United Kingdom and Japan.

At the end of May this year, the first pouch battery module line of Huashu Jinming French export project has been successfully packed and shipped to France. The pouch battery module line covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters, with a unique stacking welding process, which is compatible with 40KWH and 52KWH. It took 5 months from installation to commissioning to delivery, and passed the CE certification and factory acceptance in May of this year.



In the past few years, Huashu Jinming has exported PACK test platforms to Germany, Cylindrical battery module lines to the United States, Prismatic battery module lines to Romania and other overseas countries. It has steadily accumulated experience for the overseas export of lithium battery Module & PACK lines, summarized lessons learned, and laid a solid foundation for the delivery of new overseas projects.

Improve service quality and continue to intensify global layout

With leading technical strength, strong delivery capabilities and gradually established customer reputation, Huashu Jinming has an advantage in the competition of the export market, and its overseas orders are ever-increasing. In order to cope with the capacity gap and ensure the timely delivery of overseas orders, Huashu Jinming (Wuhan) production base came into being in 2021, covering an area of about 100,000 square meters. At present, two major Huashu Jinming factories in Changzhou and Wuhan have the capacity to install and commissioning 18 French-like export lines at the same time, and can also take into account the capacity needs of domestic projects at the same time.

In order to preferably respond to overseas project support and quickly respond to the service needs of overseas customers, the overseas company construction and talent introduction with globalization of Huashu Jinming are also proceeding rapidly. Huashu Jinming has successively established subsidiaries/joint ventures in Hungary, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Southeast Asia, which provides solid guarantees for pre-sales and after-sales services in overseas markets.



Huashu Jinming is based in China and looks into the world, committed to providing global customers with quality and services that exceed expectations. Huashu Jinming will make every effort to ensure its 1 billion project of this year is successfully shipped overseas, and send excellent technical teams to various overseas sites to complete the installation, commissioning and operation of the production line, and deliver the production line to overseas customers as scheduled.

In addition, Huashu Jinming will further promote the expansion of overseas markets, accelerate the layout of overseas service networks, and unswervingly follow the path of global development.