Huashu Jinming Installed and Debugged two sets of “Infrared Thermometers” for Ma’anshan


Recently, Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. donated two sets of “Infrared Thermal Imaging Intelligent Temperature Measurement System” to Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province. After receiving the notice of installation task, Changzhou Huashu Jinming quickly dispatched engineers to the spot on 16th Feb, racing against time to do the installation and commissioning overnight. In the early morning of 17th Feb, the infrared temperature measurement system was delivered and put into use at the entrance of the waiting hall of Ma’anshan east station and the outpatient entrance of Ma’anshan People’s Hospital, building the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control in Ma’anshan City.

The entrance of the waiting hall of Ma’anshan east station


The outpatient entrance of Ma’anshan People’s Hospital

The “HY-2005B Infrared Thermal Imaging Intelligent Temperature Measurement System” independently developed by Huazhong Numerical Control, relies on advanced optoelectronic technology, thermal imaging technology, image processing technology and control technology. It does not need to touch the human body and can capture the body temperature sensitively at a distance of 6-8 meters. The response time is only 1 second, and the temperature resolution is as high as 0.05 ℃. If the temperature exceeds the standard, the equipment will alarm immediately. It realizes rapid body temperature screening and effectively solves the problems caused by the use of forehead thermometer, such as low efficiency, large errors, potential risks resulting from the close contact of staff, etc.


Yang Weiping, an engineer of Huashu Jinming, installed and debugged two sets of infrared temperature measurement systems for Ma’anshan, which will be monitor 24 hours a day. The system has the characteristics of high temperature measurement sensitivity, vivid thermal image, wide detection range, high speed, no interference with the measured target, safe use, etc. As long as the measured target passes through the detection range of infrared lens quickly, the instrument can immediately display the thermal image of human body and the maximum body surface temperature. Meanwhile, it can capture and save the facial image and real-time temperature information of the measured person, and monitor the temperature of the mobile people in the waiting hall of Ma’anshan east station and Ma’anshan People’s Hospital with high efficiency and precision.


Up to now, Huazhong Numerical Control’s infrared intelligent temperature measurement system has been applied to Wuhan Leishenshan and Huoshenshan hospitals, as well as the front line of epidemic prevention, such as airports, stations, customs, hospitals, colleges and supermarkets in Beijing, Chongqing, Nanning, Shiyan, Xiangyang, Changzhou, Shenzhen and other parts of China. With heavy people flow, these areas need large area rapid detection and accurate lock of human temperature. This system has played an important role in winning the fight against the national epidemic.