Mr Zhu Yanfeng, the chairman of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and his delegation visited Wuhan Huashu Jinming


On the afternoon of August 12, Zhu Yanfeng, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Qiao Yang, the Deputy General Manager and CFO of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Zhang Xiaofan, the Office Director of Dongfeng Motor Corporation (Party Committee and Board), Zhang Yanjun,the Head of Strategic Planning Department of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Li Wei, the deputy director of Strategic Planning Department of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Zhang Zengxi, the CEO Assistant, and the others visited Wuhan Huashu Jinming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Wu Qiling, the Vice President of Zall Holdings and President of Zall smart Manufacturing Group, Tian Maosheng, the President of Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. accompanied the visitors. Shen Can, the Vice President of Huazhong CNC and General Manager of Wuhan Huashu Jinming, warmly received them.


In the Enterprise Culture Exhibition Hall of Wuhan Huashu Jinming , Zhu Yanfeng, the chairman of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and his delegation watched the corporate videos of Huazhong CNC and Huashu Jinming firstly, then they listened to the enterprise development introduction of Huashu Jinming. Through the kinematic models displayed in the exhibition hall, they comprehensively understood the technical features、Innovation points and key technologies of the main businesses of Huashu Jinming’s new energy vehicle power battery module and pack line, intelligent factory overall solution, intelligent storage and sorting center, etc


Subsequently, the delegation visited the “Industry 4.0” intelligent manufacturing factory built by Wuhan Huashu Jinming with high standards. Wuhan Huashu Jinming high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing base,with a total construction area of about 50,000 square meters, was officially launched on June 9 this year. The factory is equipped with advanced processing and manufacturing equipment, specialized precision instruments, intelligent robots, and digital management systems, which can meet various customized needs so as to build high-quality, high-efficiency one-stop “turnkey” projects for customers.


The field visit of the senior executives of Dongfeng Motor corporation to Wuhan Huashu Jinming, gave all an intuitive experience of the production scale and technical strength of Huashu Jinming. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the development status and pattern evolution of the new energy power vehicle industry,which further boosted the confidence of bilateral friendly cooperation.